Clearing and Trustees

When you make a financial transaction, the last thing you want to worry about is your money not getting to the correct destination. And that’s where clearing houses come in.

A clearing house is the common ground between two distinct financial firms. This unique institution takes on the risk of a transaction between two parties and makes sure that it’s settled to everyone’s satisfaction. It lowers the risk that one of the parties will fail in its obligation during a transaction.

At Falcon, we have made sure our clients have high-end quality custodians and clearings.

Our custodians have impeccable reputations and are carefully audited, keeping accounts segregated at major banks worldwide.

Depending on your profile as an investor, the asset you wish to operate with, the origin of your funds and the destination of your investment, our advisors will be able to help you choose the Clearing House and bank in the jurisdiction that best suits your interests.

We maintain relationships with 8 Clearing Houses and more than 12 banks worldwide to help you carry out your transactions in the fastest, safest and most convenient way.

The companies that support our infrastructure are the following: