We have over 500 global investment strategies, from simple Contract For Differences to Exchange Traded Funds to sophisticated & actively managed strategies. You will be able to invest in a customised selection of Falcon based on your investment profile and risk appetite.
You can Get Advice from our proprietary online Advisory tool and then choose which Falcon you would like to invest in.

There is no minimum amount prescribed. You could start by investing in 1 unit of the lowest value Falcon too.
We would recommend however, you begin with USD 5,000/- to be able to build a well-diversified portfolio optimised to match your investor profile and risk appetite.
Please do consider the applicable charges applied by your Bank. Transfers below a certain amount may not be very cost-efficient.

There is usually no lock-in period for any Falcon. However, some Fund Products (available to Accredited Investors only) may be subject to a lock-in period.
All information relating to a Falcon can be found in the details and other sections.

Please refer to our client service guide respective to your country of residence for complete instructions on funding.

When investing as an individual, there are minimum trade sizes and high transaction costs imposed on the account, and this makes investing as an individual cost-prohibitive. With Falcon, you will benefit from the constant monitoring, rebalancing, and re-optimisation that we provide. Moreover, Falcon is able to offer fractional shares to make your portfolio more precisely allocated, which is nearly impossible if you were to do it on your own.